Elecife 15.6 Inch USB Type C Portable Display Gaming Monitor


  • 1080P IPS Screen Display, 16.7M colors, up to 178° viewing angle, clear and delicate dynamic display effect and outstanding visual effect for entertainment and gaming. keeps your eyes from getting tired during prolonged use.
  • Multiple Devices Compatible, it could be easily connected to a Laptop, PC, Macbook Pro, smartphones, XBOX, PS3/PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch to play business presentations PPT, games, watch movie or TV, videos and photos.
  • Ultra Slim & Light Weight, the portable monitor with a slim 0.39" thickness and 1.98 lbs, so you could also easily put it into your backpack then go on a business trip or short travel for entertainment, remote office or game.
  • With 90 Degrees Versatile Foldable Adjustable Stand, you can adjust the appropriate angle and place according to the use need. Help you more convenient and stable use monitor
  • Dual Speakers & HDR Mode: Built-in dual speakers efficiently help display multi-media files, HDR mode helps to enjoy excellent mainstream video transmission.
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Elecife 15.6 Inch 4K HDMI USB Type C Portable Gaming Monitor
Elecife 15.6 Inch 4K HDMI Type C Portable Monitor Compatible with Laptop, Smartphone and Gaming Switch
Elecife Ultra Slim Protable Monitor with 90 Degree Foldable Adjustable Stand
Elecife 1080P IPS 178° Viewing Angle Screen Display Monitor
Q: The display and the power indicator can not light up.
Please check if the USB cable is properly connected to the monitor and power connector.

Q: The display is not on, the power indicator is in red.
1. Please check if the display and connected device are turned on; 
2. Please make sure the USB cable is properly connected between the display and the connected device; 
3. Please check the signal cable to ensure all pins are properly aligned. Try to connect other devices to eliminate the cause of the device; 
4. if the fault persists, please contact the after-sales center for technical support. 

Q: Why No signal is shown.
1. Please check if the signal cable is correctly connected to the interface of the connected device; 
2. Then try to re-plug the cable by connecting to the power supply first, then the signal line.

Q: The image on display has ripples and flickers in and out.
1. Please make sure the wire is properly connected between the display and the connected device; 
2. Please remove any electronic device that may cause electronic interference.

Q: Discoloration on the screen (distorted/Washed out).
Please check the connecting wire to ensure all pins are properly aligned.

Q: Why the screen of the monitor appears to flicker?
1. If the screen flickers, it is necessary to check whether the power supply 18W or above to supply power to the display. 
2. If the power supply is normal and the screen flickers, please contact the after-sales center for technical support. 

Q: What kind of panel does the monitor use?
The monitor uses an IPS panel. Since liquid crystal molecules are used in the IPS screen to gain a better view angle, while reducing the penetration of light for a better display, so the illuminance of the backlight is also increased. Therefore, backlight bleeding is a common phenomenon on all LCD, and these light areas usually appear along the edges or corners of the monitor This approach makes IPS losing its high contrast, and the static contrast ratio of IPS is generally between 2000:1 and 3000:1. The static contrast of the AV screen can easily reach 5000:1.

Q: How do I claim the warranty?
A: Please properly keep the barcode which is at the bottom of the screen first.
We provide a one-year warranty for Quality-Related Issues.
Before submitting a warranty claim, please refer to the specific FAQs for your product and attempt all troubleshooting suggestions.
If you believe the item is defective and under warranty, please contact us for further help.
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ModelELC-H-001 15.6 Inch Portable Monitor
Micro USB Interfacewith 1 Micro USB Interface
Full-featured USB Type-C Interfaceused for power supply, audio and video signal transmission, touch screen signal transmission, reversible plug-in function
USB Type-C power interfaceSupport external power supply and reverse charging, compatible with PD2.0 power protocol, support 5V / 9V/ 12V / 15V / 19V / 20V voltage input
Mini HDMI interfaceused for audio and video signal transmission
Signal switch/back buttonShort press the button to switch the signal channel. In the main menu mode, short press the button to return.
Dial Open the main menu, control the menu and confirm the selection button
3.5mm Audio PortHeadphone/speaker expansion port
Resolution1080P 1920*1080
Screen Size & Panel Type15.6 Inch IPS
Contrast Ratio800:01:00
Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical)178°(89°/89°)H, (89°/89°)V
Brightness 250cd/m2
Input MethodMini HDMI, USB3.1 Type-C
System RequirementsA device with HDMI output interface, computer with complete C-type video output function
Package1 x Elecife Type-c Portable Display,1 x Mini HDMI to HDMI cable, 1 x Type C to Type C cable, 1 x Type C to USB A cable (Power Supply), 1 x Protective Bag, 1 x User Guide
built-in stereo dual-speakers Efficiently helps display multi-media files especially when listening to music/watch movies/play games.
HDR Modeupport excellent mainstream transmission so that you can enjoy great exceptional visuals experience in-game and other entertainments.
 with a durable computer bagWhich ensures it's scratching resistance and protect the monitor well. You could also easily put it into your backpack then go a business trip or short travel.  
External Monitor for Laptop / DesktopElecife external monitor for a laptop can Extend Mode and Second Screen Mode. You can easily switch between Landscape and Portrait Display Mode to meet various needs. dual display works perfectly as a second monitor, helping to boost your productivity
Mirror Phone onto a Large MonitorElecife portable monitor with full function type c port which allows you to connect to your Android phone to display the phone screen via just Type C Cable!
Portable Gaming MonitorWidely compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Raspberry Pi, etc. 
Laptop/DesktopUse the full-featured Type-C interface to connect to the personal computer.
SmartphoneSupport Android phone which equipped with a Full Function Type-C port (support Data transfer, Power Deliver and Video Display to Monitor). for iPhone, need an light to HDMI adapter  (Note: Hub or Adapter may be needed for some devices such as iPhone, keyboard/mouse).
Gaming MonitorsFor XBOX, PS3/PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch
Connect to the Computer by full-featured Type-C interfaceThe monitor supports the use of a standard Type-C cable to connect to the fully functional USB3.1 Type-C interface for an extended display or mirrored display. The Type-C interface on the left side of the screen is used for power supply.
Connect to Nintendo SwitchThe monitor supports the Switch to connect to the Switch TV mode with a standard cable.
When the monitor is connected to a 5V power supply, the monitor will be charged by an external power supply; the Switch will be connected
Powered by the built-in battery, the resolution is 720P.
When the monitor is connected to a 15V PD protocol power supply, both the monitor and the Switch will run through an external power supply; the Switch is in a charging state with a resolution of 1080P.
Connect to a mobile phone with TV output functionThe monitor supports using a USB-C cable to connect to the phone to display the phone screen, or according to the system
Set up a custom UI interface.
Connect to a computer using HDMI interfaceThe monitor has a mini HDMI interface, which is compatible with most HDMI devices. When connecting the monitor to the HDMI interface, in addition to the HDMI cable, the user also needs to use a USB-C to USB A cable.
Connect to multiple HDMI devicesWhen the monitor is connected to an HDMI device via an HDMI cable, the monitor can be used as a TV use. If the USB port has enough power, the monitor can be operated by an external power source Yes, it can also run through the power of the HDMI device through its USB port.