FAQ (12 in 1)

A. Why is there no video output?

1. Please make sure if your USB-C devices support video output.

2. Please make sure if the connection is good.

3. Please use a standard HDMI cable.


B. Why is there no audio output from HDMI?

1. Please make sure if theres audio output on the Monitor.

2. Please set the external monitor as the default audio output device.


C. What if the WIFI drops when the hard drive has been connected to the hub?

1. 2.4G has easily interfered, you can switch to the 5G network, or try to move the hard drive to a suitable place.


D. What if one of the monitors doesnt display under Windows 10 system?

1. Right-click the desktopGraphics settingsSelect one or more

active displays.


E. What if the USB driver cant be identified?

1. Restart the device and connect the hub again.


F. What if the display screen drops after connecting a large current hard drive?

1. Provide power delivery to your device through the PD port.


G: How to judge that the laptop doesn't support 4K/60HZ with connecting HDMI 2 interface?

1. The laptop's USB-C port doesn't support DP 1.4 (DisplayPort 1.4)

2. The resolution of the laptop monitor doesn't support HDMI 4K60Hz.

3. The HDMI cable isn't HDMI 2.0 cable.

H: if all of the Type C device supports USB, PD charge, and video output (DP signal) function.

No, Type C interface not equal to Full functions. Only when TYPE-C mobile phones/tablets/laptop with full functions have three functions: USB data transmission, Power Delivery charging, and video output (DP signal), some of Type C device only supports USB 3.0 and PD functions.

FAQ (6 in 2)

A. Why the USB-C hub can not been identified?

1. Please restart the device and connect the hub again.


B. Why the HDMI is not working while I connect the hub?

1. Firstly please confirm all the cable including

HDMI cable, USB-C cable is well connected.

2. Secondly, please check “Display Setting” on Surface Pro 7, check if it is well detected the monitor(should show the TV/Monitor model No.) on Surface Pro 7.

3. please check the video sourcing of TV/Monitor is correct or not with the port Which the HDMI cable was connected (like HDMI1/ HDMI2/computer).

If steps 1, 2, 3 is all correct, but there are still no images on the monitor, maybe the SC01 hub is broken. Please contact your retail shop for a repair service.